Top 10 Best Companies for work In The World!


Top 10 Best Companies For Work

 In today's day and age what constitutes a good company goes far beyond a paycheck.

In fact, job seekers are placed high importance on company culture and benefits. While some companies fail to impress their staff, others have hit the nail on the head, offering employees the complete package and ultimate job satisfaction.

 So, let's dive in and find out who these companies are and what they are offering to attract top talent! 

Number 10:   AT&T. 

This company is one of the largest telecommunications providers in the USA. 

To keep their large workforce of over 275 thousand employees happy,they offer a handful of perks, including paid time off, tuition assistance, medical insurance, training and development, as well as a discount card for various shopping outlets. 

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Number 9 : 

Boston Consulting Group The management consultancy makes a yearly appearance on the list of the top ten places to work,and it's easy to see why. 

With life insurance packages, paid holidays, tuition reimbursements, pension plans and contributions, they receive thousands of applications each year. 

But securing and maintaining a permanent position istricky - Boston Consulting Group gets rid of anyone who isn't meeting their promotion targets. 

Number 8 : Deloitte.

 Besides Being one of the most prestigious accounting firms to work for, Deloittealso offers training and development opportunities.

As well as adoption and surrogacy grants, paid time off, emergency dependent care, sabbaticals and pet insurance. 

Number 7 : Google 

Google requires no formal introduction. The ever-expanding company is renowned for its uber-cool office, but what really keeps employees loyal to the brand? 

With weekly Q&As with Google founders it's clear that the company really does care about their employees well-being. 

And Let's not forget the numerous perks including gym and outdoor sports facilities, personal on-site care (including massages and haircuts), nap pods,company funded parties and three cooked meals a day. 

Number 6 : Facebook. 

Not only does the culture tech phenomenon offer a great working environment, they also care about their employees personal and professional development.

 While a few additional benefits include extended bereavement leave (20 paid days for immediate family and 10 for extended), family valet parking, an on-site arcade, and free meals and snacks. 

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Number 5 : 

In-N-Out Burger The fast-food phenomenon is known for its high salaries and fun working environment. 

Unlike other fast-food joints, In-N-Out offers flexible working hours, development programmes, 401k plans,paid vacation, dental and vision insurance, as well as regular free meals and drinks. 

Number  4 : Comcast.  

This is yet another telecommunications company to land a spot on the list based on their favorable benefits, including health insurance, 401(k) plan, adoption assistance, free Xfinity instant TV andInternet services, as well as product discounts. 

Number 3: Apple. 

It comes as no surprise that one of the largest technology giants is a firm favorite across the globe. The benefits of working at Apple are endless but they include high salaries, stock grants, education contributions, cost coverage for egg freezing, gym membership and paid company events. 

Number 2: 

Cisco As well as getting this top technology brand their CV, employees also enjoy the array of benefits they get including education contributions, stock options,annual bonuses and plenty of company funded social events.

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Number 1:

 In 1st place is cloud-based software firm Salesforce.com Not only do their 35,000 employees get a generous amount of time off but they're also encouraged to join volunteering products (which means more paid time off). 

With the strong emphasis on developing employees satisfaction, Salesforce.com offers product discounts, paid commuting and parking expenses, and education reimbursements.

 They also matched charity donation gifts and provided additional benefits for employees that meet their milestone years with the company.

 So, if you strive to work for a high-profile company and are keen on the benefits package that comes with it, now you know where to apply. 

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