How to Write a Job Application Letter: 6 Tips for Your Next Job Application

How To Write Application Latter For Job

mindlessly send out their résumé without as much as giving a thought to a cover letter! 

 So, if you’ve been doing the same and you’re wondering why you haven’t heard back from the recruiter, here’s why!  

How to Write a Job Application  Letter

A cover letter is your résumé’s best friend and should aim to highlight the reasons why you’re a great fit for the job in just three paragraphs.  

So, let me walk you through the steps of writing an eye-catching cover letter. 

 1. Address the Hiring Manager Correctly  Whatever you do, make sure to address the correct person when opening your cover letter.  

The simple mistake of using the generic phrase ‘Dear Hiring Manager’ could cost you the job!  Instead, do a bit of digging to find out who you’ll potentially be interviewing with. 

 2. Don’t Repeat Information from Your Résumé Your cover letter should support your résumé, so instead of using the same information, make connections between the key points in your résumé.  

For example, expand on your experience by discussing the methods that you used and the results you achieved in your previous positions.

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  3. Use Keywords from the Job Specification  To make your cover letter unique, use keywords from the job posting to highlight your skills. 

 By doing so, you’ll also ensure that your cover letter makes its way through tough ATS software and into the hands of the hiring manager.  

4. Keep Your Cover Letter Short and Sweet   Recruiters only spend around 10 seconds reading through your cover letter, so you’ll need to keep it short and precise.

  Within three paragraphs, you’ll have more than enough space to convince the hiring manager that you’re a good fit for the job.  

Start off by opening the letter with a brief introduction on who you are, what role you’re applying to and why you think you’re capable of doing the job.  

Then continue to discuss your most recent experience by providing evidence of your accomplishments.   Finish off by thanking the employer for their time and encourage them to get in touch. 

 If you’ve had any major employment gaps, here’s where you should explain the reasons why.

 5. Pay Attention to the Structure of Your Cover Letter  To ensure your cover letter is readable and attractive, you’ll need to pay attention to your font size and layout;  your letter should begin with the date, your name and address in the top left-hand corner. 

 Your font should also be the same throughout and sized between 10pt and 12pt.  And don’t forget to add hyperlinks to your LinkedIn profile, portfolio and any other supporting documents. 

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 6. Don’t Forget to Proofread Even if you’re the best writer in the world, you’re bound to make a few typos every now and again.  

So, before sending your cover letter off, run it through a proof reading tool or ask a trusted friend to have a read over!  So, that’s all that you need to increase your chances of securing the job!  

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