How to Earn Money Online in India 2021

 India’s 10 online jobs in which you can earn a lot of money (2021) .

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Today we are going to talk about the top 10 online jobs in India that you can sit at home and earn a lot of money

But it also depends on how much work you do and as well as your ability. 

1) Youtuber of  Youtube 

YouTube is all crazy today and whatever you see is watching something on YouTube. 

That’s why YouTube is considered to be a better online job. 

More than earning YouTube money, more people have to show their passion. That’s why you can make it to YouTube from clothing to travel channels. 

You can also create video blogs and even sell your products. The thing that is important for YouTube users is that you make your video the best that people see it. 

You get the money according to how many ads run on your channel and you can do it anywhere.

 That’s why you just need a laptop and the internet. In this online job, you can earn at least 6000 – 1 lakh rupees every month at home and gradually increase your earnings. 

2) Freelancing

 If you search a little bit then you will find plenty of freelancing sites such as fiverr.com freelancer .com etc

 Clients here post different types of work such as article writing, content writing, website design, data entry and some technical things. 

Whatever work you like, you take that work from the client and give him time. Freelancing depends more on how much you work in a month.

 The money is paid to you just for your work and you can earn from about 10000 to 1 lakh in a month. 

The best tip is that you register in any freelancing site and then try to give the client a 5-star rating. 

What’s next, you can get lots of work from other clients comfortably. 

3) Content Writing and Graphic Designing 

Content writing is a great job for women sitting in the house and you earn money in it too. 

Yes, you heard absolutely right. Today, apart form English clients are in need of content in different languages like Hindi.

 If you have the skills to write in and you can write for 1-2 hours daily, so believe that you can earn 10-12 thousand rupees a month. 

Often clients give up to 200-500 for the article of 1000 words and if your work is very good, then you can earn 2000 rupees for 1000 words too. 

In graphic designing, you can create a logo for any company or channel. The logo is very important for every channel and you get good money to design it. 

Not only the logo, eBook cover, video thumbnails, photo editing and all this also comes in graphic designing and money is also available in it. 

4) Web developer

 Today the demand for websites has increased so much that web developers are also in much demand.

If you know about this work then you can earn a lot of money in it.  There are many clients who need websites for their business. 

You can take this time, according to your own because every client wants his websites to be the best. 

You will not believe that for a website design you can earn about 50000 rupees. 

5) Own website (website owner)

 why just for the client, you create your own website and through this you can sell any material yourself.

 Today there are a number of websites in which you can sell clothes, flowers, cakes, everything online with clothes. 

It is true that at the beginning you may have to pay some money for the domain, web hosting, but gradually you will have a lot of profit from your website. 

You have to first create your own brand, and then you can earn money from Google Adsense or Yahoo ads when someone clicks on Advertisements.

 6) Teaching Online

 If you are an expert in any topic you can teach anything you like, then this online job is right for you. 

Today, there are plenty of online teaching channels in India where you can share knowledge. 

The number of students who will see your videos and register,you will get money according to the the same amount every month So you can earn money with your hobby as well as by sitting in the house. 

7) Affiliate marketing

 Affiliate marketing is going on in trend today and its special reason is that you do not have to make any investment yourself. 

Yes, in it you can earn money without investment So what is affiliate marketing? In this online job, you have to sell different company items in which you are commissioned.

 How much you earn a month depends on your selling of goods. You can sell things with a tie with some companies and earn money sitting at home.

 Often companies give less than 10-15% commission on selling one thing.

8) Virtual Assistant

 Virtual Assistant is also a good online job for women. 

Today, there are a lot of people and online companies who are unable to do all the work due to lack of time. 

They give their work to others which is called outsourcing. Writing data entry in it, writing emails are such things that you can comfortably sit at home.  

Very good money is available for this work. If you work with such channels or companies then you can earn up to 20,000 – 50,000 of the month. 

This work is not difficult, just depends on the fact that you can do so much work.

 9) Social Media Manager            

10.Sell products Online.           


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