How to Earn Money Online in INDIA For Students

 In this  Article we give you information about How to Earn Money Online In INDIA For Student.

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Today I have a special information. I want to show you how you can build a business online   as a student.

How to make money online as a student not only as a student anyone who is looking for   building a small business online to get some extra income like maybe $200,   $300 or maybe more as much as you work per month.

 Today i will show you   an action plan 30 days action plan that you are going to apply starting from today and you will   build somehow a strong online business from home and make some extra income per month.

   What's the idea behind this Article today? why it's targeting students? simply because this   video is structured in a way it's targeting people who can't invest too much time   and can't invest money so usually students don't have money to invest they have $0.00 to invest   and they don't have too much time because they are studying so in this video i will show you   an action plan that requires like working one or two hours per day starting with $0.00 so   let's stop wasting time and go directly into our point and start explaining the action plan   for you but before please just some patience i have two important points for you for this video   number one that this video is somehow short it's less than 15 minutes but it's very important to   follow up step-by-step i structured the video in a way it's connected together   to help you build a strong online business so i'm not listing anything here i am connecting points   together showing you an action plan so please don't miss any minute watch the full video the   second point in this video we have a special give away because you are targeting students   i will give $250 cash for five winners if you wanna join keep watching and please don't forget   to support my channel like the video subscribe if you haven't yet and please this is the first time   i ask about sharing this video because this video may really help a lot of students today especially   in 2021 in this covered 19 epidemic or whatever so please share it with someone if you feel it   will help your friend that you'll help maybe some students working online or whatever okay   so let's start what we are going to do in this video? what is the action plan for you in this   video? if you are following my channel you know i explained a lot of strategies and methods to build   a business online a real business online and i showed you a lot of examples from my own business   a lot of case studies and so on you can review if you want anyway the idea today i want to pick   three methods three strategies that i'm going to combine together so we can build somehow a strong   online business with three income streams so we can ensure like at least $200, $300   per month instead of picking only one and working hard only one method that may fail and may   succeed let's fix three so we can increase the chance of success in this business okay   so usually when you want to work online on work from home or work on the internet   we have a lot of methods like blogging like freelancing, like SAAS businesses, youtube   channels, like instagram sponsorships, building online shops, drop shipping, drop servicing,   we have a lot of strategies and methods but as i told you in this video we are targeting people   who can't invest a lot of time and can't invest money so we need to start for free with $0.00   and we need to start with almost one or two hours a day as a maximum amount of time to work okay   so what i picked for you to connect together in this video is three methods number one is a   freelancing number two is affiliate marketing and number three is blogging please listen carefully   i want to explain things and share some tips that really might help you to be successful   in this business so number one is freelancing just for beginners who don't know what is a freelancing   it's simply providing a service online like if you are a graphic designer you can maybe create   logos create graphics whatever you want draw something and provide this as a service online   maybe you are good in translation so you can create a translation of ebooks of text or whatever   maybe you are a programmer you can develop maybe some games develop websites maybe you develop   wordpress websites or whatever maybe you are a video animator you can provide video animations   maybe you are interested in seo and digital marketing and provide digital marketing services   and so on so what you have to do now is to think about a skill or a service you can provide   to help you you can go to websites like fiverr.com you know fiverr i think it's the top market place   for freelancing services you can go here and hover over these categories like graphics and design and   see all these services here provided in fiverr you can see what you can do you can take some ideas   digital marketing like social media like marketing strategies content marketing web analytics writing   and translation we have sales copy email copy case studies you can do a lot of these writing ebooks   video animation music and other your programming business lifestyle we have   a lot of ideas and services to provide on fiverr as a freelancer what we are going to focus first   is to find some topics some skills some ideas that you can provide services in so this is   your job you have to sit down get a paper start brainstorming what can i do? what can i provide?   what skills do i have? what can i do? maybe i'm going to learn a skill and by the way   if you go here to my youtube channel to the freelancing tutorials here up in this playlist   you will see i have here three videos this is number one this is number two   and this is number three you can see one two three videos i shared 16 skills i told   you 16 skills that you can learn today but just by watching these videos in 15 minutes   and start implementing on fiverr or other freelancing websites so you have to get first   the skills and the services that you are going to provide whatever you are doing whatever you   are studying whatever you are good in you can provide the skill as a service on these websites   now to get a better chance to getting some more clients you can post your gigs and your services   on websites like fiverr.com like peopleperhour.com and guru.com so create the same gigs and the same   services and publish on multiple platforms to increase the percentage or to increase the chance   to get more clients and please don't forget to go to my youtube channel and check the freelancing   pro series playlist i explained here step-by-step how to be a successful freelancer online in this   four videos it's like a mini course i'm also updating it always to get new videos so what   you are going to do now is to pick some gigs some services learn about freelancing more   and publish your gigs on these websites fiverr.com peopleperhour and guru.com very nice so this is   the first strategy we applied is to publish your servers and gigs on these websites okay so step   number one now for the first week you have to pick the topics that you are going to provide services   in whatever skills you have think about it you can provide a skill or provide a service   on these websites and don't forget to publish on these three websites and if you can search for   more on google publish on different websites so you can maybe get more and more clients so this   is number one now number two is about blogging this is the second strategy blogging what do i   mean by blogging is to build a small blog for you like in my case i have my blog H-educate.com of   course i'm not asking you to build like this blog advanced blog with a lot of traffic and so on no   create a blog that will help you promote your services and later on promote affiliate links   in this way we are connecting three strategies together freelancing with the blogging and later   on as we will see affiliate marketing so we can get more and more revenue per month with these   three income sources so what you are going to do to start for free is to go to website called   blogger.com and create a free blog here in blogger it's a company by google by the way   you can simply here create a new blog and you can name it whatever you want let's say i will name it   with my name now you can use your name if you want say next this is my blog and now i have a new blog   super simple go here to post new post and you can start writing small articles whatever you want to   write about you can write but it's better to pick a topic related to your services as an example   if you are a graphic designer write about graphic design topics write about maybe your experience in   the university in the college whatever you are doing write something related to your   services on fiverr or on the freelancing website so in this way you can connect   blogging with freelancing so what you are going to do is to create a blog publish like five to ten   articles per month as an example this will be very good and try to link and promote your fiverr gigs   and your services from the blog at the same time at the same time you need to link with affiliate   marketing what is affiliate marketing it's simply promoting products and services for someone else   and you will earn per commission let's give you an example related to this as an example here we have   a service called canva.com canva as a website allows you to create graphic designs logos banners   social media posts it's one of the top applications in this field in canva we have an   affiliate program let's sign up just to show you this and let's go down here we have partnerships   or affiliate program you can see here you can just as an affiliate in a canva and start promoting it   so if you are providing freelancing services as a graphic designer and writing about graphic   design services you can simply promote canva so in this way you are linking everything   together affiliate marketing with the blogging with freelancing connecting things together   and in this way you can build a strong online business maybe a lot of you is somehow new to this   doesn't know how to promote affiliate links doesn't know how to create blogs how to pick up   topics and so on this video is to show you the road map the action plan in 30 days like first   week to publish your gigs next week set up your posts and your blog and start writing articles   third week is to find affiliate products and link back in your affiliate in your   blog week number four is to start getting traffic and so on and this way you can grow online but   but at the same time i will not leave you now and tell you "go and learn by yourself" no if you go   to my youtube channel again you will find videos about all the topics mentioned here as an example   you want to pick a niche you can check this video blog niches how to pick niches   to make money online this video short video also you get a free ebook with this video   to pick a niche to pick the best niche for your blog or your business in general if you want to   start with affiliate marketing you can simply go to my playlists here and you'll find two   playlists affiliate marketing case studies and the affiliate marketing tutorials for beginners   starting from scratch all these videos will help you start learning affiliate marketing blogging   how to build a blog how to start freelancing everything is explained here so this is the   roadmap for students i think this is the best way a student can build a small business online   from home working from home to make money online from home as i tell you always a lot of you will   not apply anything will not go and learn anything will just keep wasting their times on netflix on   social media and whatever and they will not try to learn and implement anything i know   at the same time that i'm getting everyday emails from people that are now successful and i'm   sharing everything on my social media profiles stories from successful people who apply the   strategies i'm talking about and made and started a business online applying what i'm sharing here   and by the way i'm not sharing secrets here i'm just sharing honest topics honest experience and   my honest case studies that everyone can apply and start doing and start working   to be successful online please don't forget to like the video if you like it and subscribe to   my channel and don't forget to join the give away how? please go to my description below   you will find a link to join my giveaway click on the link and join and see you on instagram   next week to announce the winners and don't forget to share the video with someone that you might   think this video will help him in his life in her life whatever he is doing see you later

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