How to crack Digital Marketing Interviews

How to crack Digital Marketing Interviews

 Hey guys! In this article I will tell you how to crack digital marketing interviews and land your dream job. Stay till the end to get complete crackling tips.

 So guys, all of us know digital marketing has become one of the hottest sectors to build a career. Now whether you are an expert or a newbie,you have to face interviews to get jobs in digital marketing. Now I will tell you a method by which you can crack digital marketing interviews and it's called a STAR Method. 

So guys, STAR is Situation, Task, Action and Result. So please memorize this Situation, Task, Action And Result. So friends, this interview preparation technique is highly recommended for the behavioral and situational digital marketing interviews. 

It's very helpful because it will equip you to give on-the-point answers in the context of real world problems. So this skill is very essential to ace your interview because digital marketing interviews are behavioral.

They are situation based and that is precisely what I will tell you in the STAR method. So generally, the experts on the jury ask specific questions. They want to find out if the digital marketing job is the best fit for you or not.

 So this STAR strategy, it makes you come up with stories from your own personal experiences that display your digital marketing skills. 

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Now the first step is Situation:

Now you should set the stage for your interview by interweaving a story around your background. So here guys, you can talk about your relevant projects, work experiences so you can ensure that your interview moves in a direction that you are comfortable with.

 But guys, you have to make sure that you spend the least amount of time in this process, because most interviewers are more interested in the actions you took and the results you got. 

The second stage is Task:

Now at this stage,you must explain to the interviewers about what you were responsible for, you should put forward your ultimate goals that is the task that you planned to accomplish. 

Now make sure you highlight the best of your skills because you are laying the building blocks for the rest of your interview. 

Now the third stage is Action:

Now this stage requires you to describe in detail what actionable steps you had to take in order to come out of the difficult situation. Now this section of your response needs a highly detailed explanation because it determines whether or not you are suitable for the digital marketing role being offered or not. 

So guys, outline some of the best steps you took that had a desirable outcome. Make your interviewer realize what specific contributions you made, so for example teamwork, leadership, initiative, highlight those. 

So guys basically in interviews, you have to demonstrate problem solving acumen and critical thinking skills. You must focus on situations that demonstrate teamwork and agility to get out of difficult situations and especially when you are under pressure. 

Now some of the questions that may be included in the STAR method they are like:

First Question Could be :

Describe a situation from your past experiences when you fixed and achieved a definite target while working on a digital marketing task?

Another question could be:

 Share an instance when you had to face a difficult obstacle in a digital marketing project. How did you solve this problem? 

Third example:

Have you ever made use of data and metrics while working on a digital marketing project? If yes, describe the impact. 

Fourth example: 

Describe a past work experience/project where you worked along with the other departments to accomplish a marketing goal. 

Another example: 

Share a mistake that you committed while working on a digital marketing project. How did you handle it? 

Now guys as you can see from all the examplesI gave, these are not technical questions. They don't require knowledge of a particular field. 

On the other hand, answers to these questions depend on individual experience. But please remember that in this section of your interview, it is most important because the employer can get to know you the best through these questions. 

So guys, make sure you leave an unforgettable impression to turn the interview in your favor. So did you understand the STAR method?

Thank you...!!

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