7 Unusual SKILLS You Need To Become a Millionaire

7 Unusual SKILLS You Need To Become a Millionaire

Become a millionaire

The average American man with a bachelor's degree will earn about   2.2 million dollars in his lifetime.

 Which is a lot of money, but Bezos makes that in under just   15 minutes, which is mind-blowing. He makes an estimated 149,353   dollars every minute. 

Bezos is going to make more money   than you would in your entire life.I know that these numbers can damage   your self-esteem because making that kind of numbers seems impossible.  

For best estimates his net worth much bigger than the entire British royal family.  It's a living proof that you can get wealthier than even royal families if you have the right   mindset and the skills.

we are going to take a look at 7 skills that you need to start building wealth.   Without mastering these skills, you will not go far, especially financially,   so if you want to get out of that dark financial position that you are in, listen carefully because   you are about to find out the skills that will help you to become financially free. 

 They may not directly earn you more money, like copywriting, coding or marketing but in many ways,   they are far more important, and I would go as far as to say, without them, you will achieve nothing.

  Just go down to the comment   section and type whatever you want and  
persuasive skills Take a look at any businesses. 

You will realize that all they do is sell,   sometimes it's a service or a product, and quite often, the product is not even produced by them.   But they know how to sell it.

1. If you are a good salesman, you will   never be poor because in the world of capitalism.

Think for a moment. Let's say you have great   selling skills. All that is left for you to do is to pick a product,   and it's a matter of time before you sell enough to be drawn in a pile of cash. 

 There is a reason why people buy from one person and ignore the other. There   is a reason why people prefer to buy one company, not from thousands of others.  And if you are serious about building real wealth, you cant simply skip this skill.   Because without it you can't go far. 

Selling doesn't necessarily mean   selling a product. You might need to sell yourself or your team to get that investment.  When you are in a job interview, you are trying to sell yourself to get that position. 

And the   better persuasive skills you have, the higher the salary you will be able to negotiate.  The best way to pomp up your persuasive skills is to become a salesman just to learn these   skills.

 Every day you will be talking to dozens of people trying to sell them something. And it   will be only a matter of time before you will feel completely comfortable selling anything to anyone.  

2. Playing Chess If you know how to play Chess, then you understand the importance of strategy. 

  The goal isn't to get rid of your opponent's every soldier   but rather focus on his greatest weakness and trap him. As soon you get rid of his king, he is done. 

  Before making any move, you should be able to see at least a few steps ahead of you because   you do not win the game by a single move but rather a bunch of moves carefully planned ahead,   which is how you also build a business.The game of chess helps you to see the   bigger picture instead of just focusing on what's happening now.

 It helps to understand   that it is alright to lose small battles in the short run in order to win the game in the end.    Chess is about strategy, and without a strategy, you can't build wealth.  

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3. Patience   
Do you know how most people lose money?  A stock or an asset suddenly starts rising for one reason or another.

 It's all over the news;   everyone talks about it. From the outside, it seems like one a lifetime opportunity, so you feel   like you are missing out. 

You don't want to sit aside and watch how everyone is making a fortune   while you are not, so you jump in but then suddenly the bubble bursts, the stock crashes,   and you lose your entire investment. Isn't that what happened with Gamestop, for example.   That's why you have to learn to be patient. Don't be driven by your emotions.   There is no quick way to get rich. 

Of course, there are opportunities that, time to time,   come and go that could earn you millions in a matter of a few years, but that's rare, and if   you want to take advantage of such opportunities, you have to spot them way before the public does.  I have seen a countless number of people who lost fortunes just because they weren't patient enough.   

It's not an easy skill to master but if you do not master it, you are going to get back to your   dark financial position sooner or later, even if you win the lottery. 

4.  self-education  
If there is one lesson   you will take out of this video, let it be this one. 

When you go to school, you are brainwashed   into thinking that's the place where you learn, you need someone to teach you something, 

and then   you have to go to college to learn something so that you can be a valuable member of society,   but what happens instead you memorize a bunch of useless facts that you, later on,   write down on a test, and then a few moments later you forget absolutely everything.  Here is what I hate the most about the school. 

Whenever I use to ask my teacher about the point   of learning, she would always reply, you will need it in the future,   it's important or something along those lines. But there was never a good reason to motivate   me to learn that, which is why I think the entire school system is broken.   

The teacher has a way to teach, and she assumes that method works with everyone, which is not the   case. People are different!
  Imagine if you go to school and you learn the things that will really help you in life.   

Just a simple example of why you should never rely on traditional institutions for knowledge   is you never learn anything about stuff that matters, such as money,   relationships, social skills, and many more.So learning how to teach yourself is the   most important skill ever. 

You no longer need a degree or someone, especially since we have this   thing called the internet. You can turn on your computer and teach yourself whatever you want.   

5. staying focus  Let me give you one of the best ways to get rich. This advice works with everyone and it has been   working since the day humans existed.

 Spend over 10K hours mastering a skill, a skill that is in   demand. Become great at it. In fact, be the best at it so that everyone comes to you for that.  
Taxes are complicated,   for example, but everyone has to do their taxes from individuals to companies. 

Businesses are   willing to pay a fortune if you can help them to avoid paying some taxes, so if you become really   good at accounting and especially taxes, you can charge a huge amount of money in exchange   for financial advice. As long as there is a demand for that skill, you are going to make a fortune.  

If you have a business,   would you pay an accountant 100K if he can save you 1 million dollars in taxes, for example.  I think yes!But the only way to master   any skill is to learn to stay focused.

6.  Silence When you are trying to impress people with words, the more you say, the more common you appear,   and the less in control.

 Even if you are saying something banal, it will seem original if you make   it vague, open-ended. Powerful people impress and intimidate by saying less. The more you say, the   more likely you are to say something foolish."

 If you have read the 48 laws of power,   you probably know the power of silence. To build a successful business, you need to be able to know   how to deal with people, and silence is a skill that very few have mastered. 

Your silence will   put people in a defensive situation and will make them say more and reveal about themselves   and their intentions more. 

By saying less than necessary, people will take your words   more seriously and will listen to them more carefully, hence making them more valuable. 

7. Confidence  
Yes, confidence is a skill.   Some people are naturally confident, but the vast majority of us have to learn it. 

Everything starts   with believing in yourself, in your abilities, in your desire to take risks, and you cannot   do that unless you are confident enough. 

Everyone is talented, but most people lack   the courage to take that step and start that business, or ask for a promotion   or say No to everything else in order to find the time to work on what truly matters.  

I had a huge problem with confidence back when I was a kid, and as I started working on myself and   became more confident, everything has changed. 

I hope you guys have enjoyed this Article. 


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