Reality of COVID Crisis | Oxygen Shortage | Remdesivir Black Marketing | by Dhruv Rathee

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Over 3 lakh coronavirus cases per day. This is a new world record. But this is only the official data. 

The ground reality is that, in many states, there are heavy delays in testing. And in some places, testing is refused. The result is that it is estimated that the actual coronavirus cases is 10 to 29 times more than the reported number. 


There is a high probability that the 3 lakh cases per day, is in reality 30 lakh cases per day. On the other hand, the official number of the death by covid-19 that is being reported and the data from the crematorium about the dead bodies of the covid-19 victims there is a difference of 5, 10 and even 20 times at places. For example, in Ahmedabad, on 12th April, only 20 official covid deaths were reported. 

But a local newspaper, Sandesh, had reported that only in one of the hospitals in Ahmedabad, there were more than 63 deaths on the same day. In Bhopal, the same thing was seen on a much larger scale. Hindustan Times reported the official death count of the last 12 days at only 34. 

Whereas, the data from crematoriums and graveyards report more than 800 Covid-19 deaths in the same period. Financial Times compiled the data from the official data and the crematoriums from various sources in several cities and it was found that this discrepancy was seen the most in Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. It is also seen in Bihar to some extent. 

The situation is so terrible that some people in Bhopal are saying that the last time so many deaths happened was in the Bhopal Gas tragedy. In Ghaziabad, there were media reports that the dead bodies were being cremated on the footpath. Because the crematorium grounds do not have any more space. At this time of the Corona pandemic, this is how the government's official data is lying to us. 

This is the live evidence. Outside this crematorium,the corpses are being cremated on this footpath. These are the corpses of the patients of coronavirus. In Surat, the iron in the crematoriums have started to melt because so many bodies are being cremated continuously there. 

The fudging of the numbers and delaying testing is only a small part of the problems that we are facing in this crisis. But this is something that the Government is responsible for. If the government wants, they can give us the real data. It is not a difficult problem to solve. 

On the other hand, other problems are cropping up because of the people. Because of the lack of hospital beds, drugs and medicines, some people have started black marketing. Remdesivir drug, which you might have heard of,it's very talked-about now, is an antiviral drug. Some people believe that it helps in the treatment of Covid-19.

 But let me tell you one thing, friends. You might find it shocking. Compared to its demand across the country, the research papers published till now, have stated that its effectivity is very little. In most cases, it does not help against Covid-19. There are some specific use cases for it. 

There are very few scenarios where doctors are prescribing it for Covid-19 patients. Regardless, it is pathetic how some people are using this panic among people and have started black marketing this drug. Its actual price is ₹2,500 per vial. Two people were arrested in Vadodara for selling it for ₹7,500 per vial. 

In Delhi, it's selling for up to ₹25,000 in the black market. Who are these people? Reflect on your actions! People have started dying here and you're profiting from their deaths. What will you do with this money? You should be embarrassed. 

Think of those people when you spend this money. People had to die because of your greed. These black-marketers often use loopholes in the system. Pharma Companies sell the drugs to the distributors. The distributors give the drugs to medical stores. 

And the people working in the medical stores, often sell the drugs to the middlemen and black-marketers at an extra high cost. And these people then earn their profit by selling it to the public at an extravagant price.

 Apart from these, the biggest problem that the country is going through during this crisis, is the lack of hospital beds and oxygen cylinders. According to BBC,in Delhi, Ahmedabad and Mumbai, 99% of the ICU beds in the hospitals have already been filled. 

At the time of making this video,in the hospitals in Delhi, and in several other states and cities, only a few hours' oxygen supply remains with the hospitals. Patparganj's Max Hospital's oxygen supply dwindled down to 3 hours only They urgently approached the Delhi High Court regarding this situation. 

The High Court told the Central Government to stop the oxygen used in steel and petroleum industries and to divert the oxygen for these medical purposes so that people can be saved. In this Max Hospital, more than 400 patient's lives are dependent on the oxygen supply. 

If it gets disrupted, these people will lose their lives. This situation is seen across the country. There is no doubt that the blame for the dire situation our country is going through is on the government instead of the people. 

What is in the control of an individual? To wear a mask and to maintain social distancing. What more can an individual control? 

On the other hand, the government had 6, 7, even 8 months' time After the first wave of coronavirus had receded. The governments had ample time to make more hospital beds and to establish oxygen generation plants. 

To manage the supply of the oxygen cylinders properly. To ensure fast and efficient vaccine deployment. But the government did not do any of these. The government wasted a lot of time. According to a report from Scroll.in,the government had spent more than 8 months only to float the tenders of establishing the oxygen generating plants. 

Today, only 5 of the initially planned 150 plants,are operational. If the government had not wasted this time and money. The government had decided to invest ₹20,000 crores in Central Vista at the same time when the country is going through the corona crisis. 

Had the Government focused on these things,the situation wouldn't have so worsened. Some people would ask why am I being so political? What's the need to involve politics in this? But the reality remains that the political failures cause these crises in a country. 

The reality is that the Central Government decides the allocation of oxygen in the country, the procurement and allocation of the vaccines, Today, the news shows the CM of Delhi thanking the Centre for increasing the oxygen supply. Or the Punjab CM writing to the Centre for increasing the oxygen allocation of Punjab. 

In Kerala, it is being said that the vaccine allocation should be increased. Because it is only one-tenth of the demand. It is because the Central Government is the one responsible for the procurement and allocation of vaccines and oxygen. From our Prime Minister to the Home Minister, the entire government was busy conducting political rallies. 

Where would they have gotten the time to do all this? This is why the government has left the people to be self-dependent. Today, social media is filled with people requesting medicines, hospital beds and oxygen cylinders. This is done in a very unorganised way. 

There are no organised platforms or websites where people can put in their requests. And the people in the area who can help,can contact them. It has not been seen yet. It's all very unorganised on social media. However, some people have tried to organise this. By making their own toolkits.

I will keep updating it with the latest information. I hope it will help you if you need it. Don't lose your courage and hope. Thank you very much.

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