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In this  article , let's see what the latest updates of this Coronavirus crisis are. 

Finally, it's looking hopeful.We might expect some good news. In some areas, like Mumbai,Coronavirus cases have started declining. 

It's being told that it might be the result of strict lockdowns. But another reason for this can be that Maharashtra was the first state that was badly affected by the second wave. So, it will not be surprising if Maharashtra is the first state to recover from the second wave. 

But unfortunately, there are some other areas in the country, like West Bengal, where the positivity rate in Kolkata Has reached up to 50%. It means that every other person being tested is found positive. 


The obvious reasons for the large spike of cases in Kolkata and West Bengal are said to be the political rallies of the politicians. Finally, now, some politicians have found some spare time from their election rallies to focus on their work at long last. A good decision by the Modi Government is that for the next 3 months, basic custom duties and health cess  have been repealed for imported oxygen and other equipment. 

So that the increasing demand for oxygen can be met up and its production be increased as soon as possible. Additionally, they have notified a global tender for importing more than 50,000 metric tonnes of liquid medical oxygen. But don't be too happy because the government is more interested in salvaging its imagethan in saving your life. 

Instead of worrying about the citizens,the government is busy trying to find the source of criticism and coming up with ways to silence them. You heard it right!  The government had Twitter remove more than 50 tweets that were criticising them. 

The government's supporters will say,"the tweets spreading misinformation, spreading fake news were removed by the government. These tweets were definitely spreading fake news." But I would like to show you an example of the kind of tweets these were. 

This was one tweet by Revanth Reddy. He is a Member of Parliament in India. He tweeted, "India recording over 2 lakh cases everyday, shortage of vaccines, shortage of medicines, increasing number of deaths... healthcare system is collapsing! #ModiMadeDisaster" Tell me, did this tweet have anything untrue? Is there any fake news in this tweetwarranting its removal?

 An MLA from TMC tweeted something similar. "India will never forgive PM Narendra Modi for underplaying the corona situation in the country and letting so many people die due to mismanagement.

 #ModiHataoDeshBachao" Tell me, what is wrong with this tweet? The situation is so bad that even the media cannot keep the truth under the wraps nor defend the government. So, they adopted a unique strategy. 

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They wondered how the blame can be diverted to protect the image of their Supreme Leader. Amish Devgan of News18 tweeted "Corona crisis, Systems suffering". AajTak tweeted, "Opposed by the System,the breaths had to give in". ABP news tweeted, "How is the System taking people's breaths away?" 

"Corona isn't killing, the System is." See how cleverly they refrained from calling out the Modi Government. Instead, they put all the blame on an unidentified 'System'. It seems like they were acting on orders from the top to use the word 'System' and not even mention the word 'Government'. 

But fortunately, the independence of the international media still exists. There is a newspaper in Australia,called Australian, the showed the courage of holding PM Modi accountable and ran the headline"Modi Leads India Into Viral Apocalypse ''. 

But our Modi government's insecurity and inability to handle criticism is so severe that within 2 days, the Indian High Commission in Australia wrote a letter to the newspaper reproaching them. 

On the other hand, in our country, it seems like the troll armies on the social media have been given the orders to do their best to divert the blame on the State Governments and on the opposition leaders. Even if they have to spread misleading lies for it. 

One such popular fake news claims that the funds out of the PM CARES Fund were released but CM Kejriwaland CM Uddhav Thackeray are blamed that neither of the CMs did any work in installing new oxygen plants. But when it was fact-checked by Scroll.in,it was found that in reality, the work was also the responsibility of the Central Government. 

But the good news is that now India is getting help from countries around the world. To deal with this oxygen crisis. The United Kingdom has given more than 495 oxygen concentrators and more than 140 ventilators to India. 

The oxygen concentrators are brilliant devices. By using these devices,the air can be converted into oxygen and that oxygen can be given to patients. Generally, the medical oxygen is transported in cylinders. Either the oxygen in the cylinders is compressed or cooled down to be filled in. But there arises a transportation problem. 

Time can be significantly wasted in transporting these cylinders. In such situations, these oxygen concentrators are very useful because it can produce medical oxygen within itself. The air is sucked in through a sieve. The nitrogen is removed from the air.

 You'd already know that the air contains 21% oxygen and 78% nitrogen. But the medical oxygen should contain 90-95% pure oxygen. This is the reason why we don't plant more trees to get medical oxygen. 

Like Kangana Ranaut had suggested that had more trees been planted, there might have been no oxygen shortage. There is no correlation between that oxygen and medical oxygen. Here, these devices are needed. Talking about other countries, Saudi Arabia has shipped 80 metric tonnes of liquid oxygen to India. 

Singapore has tried to help India with logistical issues. They've said that India doesn't have many tankers to store and transport liquid oxygen. So, Singapore has donated cryogenic oxygen tanks to India. 4 large tanks were airlifted by the Indian Air Force. The United Arab Emirates have also given high capacity tankers to India that are being airlifted to India by the Indian Air Force. 

France has given 8 oxygen concentrators,containers for liquid oxygen, 28 respirators, and over 200 electric syringe pumps among other things. Germany has given 23 mobile oxygen generation plants to India. They are also being airlifted to India. 

Russia is planning to send oxygen concentrators, generators and drugs to India soon. Australia also has a plan to give oxygen and PPE kits soon. Additionally, countries like Bhutan and Thailand are also sending help to India. 

China has also offered to help India. But the Indian government's ego gets involved while deciding on how to react to China's offer to help. There's a similar situation with Pakistan. Pakistan has also offered medical equipment and supplies to India. 

In fact, the citizens of Pakistan Have also offered to help. This was trending on Pakistani Twitter. #IndiaNeedsOxygen Where the Pakistani citizens were asking their government, Imran Khan's Government, to please help India. 

The USA has also given more than 300 oxygen concentrators to India but there is an ongoing controversy regarding America. America was also supposed to supply raw materials to India which were needed to manufacture the Covishield vaccine in India.

 America had previously refused to do this. This caused an uproar not only in India But also in America. People took to social media to state thatAmerica should not be doing that. Even American celebrities spoke out against their government. 

Finally, after the international pressure, the USA had agreed to the export. But the American government is being criticised for this "America First'' mentality.

 In today's era of Globalization,where the whole world is interconnected, all the countries are so inter-dependent among each other, to bring in a nationalist ideology that"My country's needs come first", or that "my country is beyond all others"is extremely selfish. 

Not only should we value our country, but we also need to worry about the whole world. Interestingly, not only countries but individuals and companies have also tried to help India. In the US, CEOs of 40 companies have created a global task force to help India. 

This task force has committed to providing India with more than 20,000 oxygen concentrators, within the next few weeks. This is a gigantic number that should definitely end India's oxygen crisis. 

Talking about celebrities,celebrities like Sonu Sood who have been very proactive regarding social causes since the last few years, have created a channel on Telegram India Fights With Covid'. You can write to this channel for hospitals, medicines and oxygen. 

They well set up a team to check the supplies and strive to help as much as they can. Actor Gurmeet Chowdhary tweeted that he will open a 1,000-bed, ultramodern hospital in Patna and Lucknow. While the governments may or may not build hospitals, individuals have already started working on it. 

Apart from this, the common citizens of the country who are trying to help each other cannot be measured in any sense. A person in Mumbai sold off his SUV worth ₹22 Lakhs. To buy oxygen cylinders and run a helpline for Covid-19 patients. 

In addition to this, another interesting case making the rounds was of a thief stealing someone's Covid-19 medicines unknowingly, and later when he realised that they were Covid-19 medicines, he wrote an apology letter asking for forgiveness because he didn't know those were the medicines. It shows that even thieves have humanity. 

The country and its citizens are getting help from so many sources. This is why I have full faith that we will soon overcome this crisis and emerge as winners. I hope you liked this article , friends. 

Thank you very much.

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