Top 15 Direct Selling Companies In India 2021

Top 15 Direct Selling Companies In India 2021

Top 15 Direct Selling Companies In  India  2021

Do you want to join India's Best Direct Selling Company in 2021? Want to Donate your skills, diligence to the Indian Economy Directly?

Now, in 2021, there are  300+ Direct Selling Companies in India but which among these are the best ? I have been selected for top  direct selling companies in India that are the best and largest network marketing and MLM companies in India.

In this article, we'll discuss about The Top 15 Direct Selling Companies In India In 2021, If you would like to read that, you've got a dedication article thereon.

So, let’s talk about the simplest and largest Direct Selling Companies in the world's 2nd most populated country, India.

Here are the highest  direct selling companies in India:

Top 15 Direct Selling Companies In India 2021

Smart  Value Product and Service Limited

Smart Value Products And Services Limited, (SVPS Limited) is one of the oldest Indian Direct Selling Company with quite 30+ branch offices in India.

Smart Value Products and Services Limited is one of the highest network marketing companies in India. It provides computer education, health related products, lifestyle, beauty and fashion products, agricultural products and many more.

About the Company

Smart Value is a commitment that's bringing a positive change within the lives of individuals it touches through its genuine quality products that are value-for-money and by opening profitable and career-oriented opportunities for the motivated youth.


Today, The Company through its sheer dedication to the present idea features a notable presence within the market and has become a household name. 

The company’s interests dwell in various categories like Education, Health & Wellness, care, Home care and Lifestyle. It's also earned the reputation of being one of the most important companies in direct selling with conscious efforts in promoting IT education and health awareness. 

Smart Value is contributing to the enhancement of overall quality of living and helps create a healthy and happy life.

  • One of the best Leading Direct Selling Organization in India selling Health & Wellness, Personal & Beauty Care, Home Care, Lifestyle, Agriculture Products and Educational Books & DVDs.

  • An ISO 9001:2008 Certified company.

  • A strong network across 500 cities.

  • It has 100 + High Quality & Value-for-money products.

  • Managed by synergy of highly qualified professionals with different industry experience from Institutes like IIT and top management institutes of India.

  • Built on Strong ethics and beliefs.

SmartValue has over 150000+ customers and customers are enjoy the benefits of their products.

Registration Process 

Following  the steps for the registration process for becoming Independent Business Associate (IBA):

  • Sign up to the official website of Smart Value.

  • Then you have to click on the Register button.

  • Fill up the online registration form carefully and after you finish filling up the details, submit it.

  • You will be shown a Welcome Message in which the unique Smart ID is also shown. 

  • At last Click on the Submit button and you’re done.

  • For more details about The Smart Value Company, please visit their official website.

 Smart Value has 5 types of Product

  •  Health Care

  •  Personal Care

  •  Home Care

  •  Agriculture

  • Computer Education

If you want to know more about their products and their prices go on their official website. Price list is mentioned on the official website of Smart Value company. 

Contact Information 

  • Landline No: 0124-4784784

  • Toll Free: 1800 - 200 - 1122

  • Timings: 9:00 am to 6:30 pm

(On all working days)

  • Email: support@svpsl.in

Modi Care Limited 

Modicare Limited is onebof the great reputed network marketing company in India. Sameer Modi is the founding father of Modicare Ltd..


India’s first direct-selling and leading company within the industry, Modicare is driven by the will to empower the dreamer within the people. Their story is led by leaders, inventors, charities and entrepreneurs who were deeply concerned about giving people the liberty to dream and ways to realize them.

They have empowered people from all walks of life to dream ever by teaching, testing their skills and giving them a platform where they will discover their true identity, and transform into successful entrepreneurs.

The changes that Modicare has delivered to people’s lives aren't only limited to financial freedom but also give them the chance to regain their self-confidence and knowledge to their full potential.

Business Opportunity in Modicare

A great player during this field, Modicare is driven by the will to empower the dreamer within you. Their story is led by leaders, innovators, charities and entrepreneurs who were deeply concerned about giving everyone a stage where they might find the liberty to imagine their own better lives. 

At the forefront of this azadi revolution, their Founder and executive Mr. Samir Modi is functioning towards a vision to permit India to possess financial independence.

Be it your phone or anything, Modicare empowers you with all the tools needed to maneuver your business to success. From accurate web dashboards to mobile apps, you'll manage your business anytime from anywhere within the world. The constantly updated Digital Training Hub gives you unlimited access to all or any of the merchandise training modules readily available.

For details about the business opportunity in Modicare inspect this official page of Modicare about the business opportunities.

Career in Modicare

Modicare is one of the foremost successful and fastest growing brands in India. Ranked #5 within the best place to figure in 2020, Modicare is one of the India’s Best Directing Company and is functioning hard to offer back to its people / community – the guts and soul of Modicare.

Continuing together with his family’s tradition of nation building, all 25 years old in 1996, Mr Samir Modi introduced India’s first Direct Selling Company – Modicare, with the vision of empowering Indigenous people with ‘Azadi’ to measure the lifetime of their dreams. For subsequent 25 years, her tendency to enthusiasm and keenness for infection is why Indian lakhs live the dream of Modicare and are proudly leading India to a promising future.

An undercover supervisor, Mr Samir Modi is additionally the person behind India’s most famous brands – ColorBar Cosmetics and 24*7 Convenience Stores. In line with the Greek ideas of ‘Meraki’, Mr. Samir Modi believes in doing everything with such a lot love and art that those that do that anoint a bit of their soul in everything they are doing. Encouraged by that love and connection, ‘Samirness’ and its values ​​are an integral part of our inner and heartfelt value chain of all Modicarians.

Check out this page of Modicare for current opening and career opportunities

Contact Information 

  • Head Office Address: Modicare Limited, 5, Community Center, New Friends Colony, New Delhi, Pin – 110025 – 011-66623000

  • Azadi Call Centre All-India Toll Free Number:- 180030012999(10AM-10PM) – 

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 Safe And Secure Online Marketing  Private Limited

Safe and Secure Online Marketing Private Limited or Safe Shop is the India's Multi-Level Marketing company that provides a platform for earning through direct sales.


Safe Shop has more than 200+ products in its portfolio, almost every category is covered with a unique offer for free products.

Safe Shop influences people together for encourage network building and network nutrition by creating the economically sustainable biological system for everyone to improve and get together.

The company is actually developing a significant scale over the years that is in its dormant structure. In 2019 it also marked an annual income of more than 500+ times.

About the Company

India is a country of more than a billion people, divided by race and religion but united by their own desires. The combination of global warming and good economic policies within the Indian business community has unleashed a hidden power in the country and India is now on the verge of becoming one of the world’s leading economies.

We are a company of People: People, people, people, with a vision to turn their dreams into reality by providing valuable education and protecting their lives and their families through our ongoing programs and business opportunities combined with world-class products.

www.safeshopindia.com is a portal owned by Safe & Secure Online Marketing Pvt. Ltd Our website offers the highest quality online education, covering a wide range of topics and generating information to improve your knowledge. While doing this allows you to earn commissions by transferring products / services to other like-minded people.

Www.safeshopindia.com is a site that gives you the opportunity to earn while studying, through unique business opportunities. Working with high quality international and Indian products enables us to produce these products under a trademark. Safe Store provides you with a variety of educational products, lifestyle, technology products, both men’s and women’s clothing, utensils, Ayurveda health products, water purifiers and a number of other daily household items etc under the four categories of fashion, home & kitchen, health and beauty and luggage / loads of unprecedented cases.

Our dynamic product gallery is constantly being updated. Although we are careful to include all of our products on this website, we kindly ask you to log in to the website for the latest updates and additions to our product range. Safe Shop is a professional group of highly motivated people, and has changed the lives of thousands of people by empowering them to learn high quality products and provide them with a unique e-entrepreneur program that enables them to learn, work and benefit.

Innovation continues to direct our efforts to develop and distribute products. Sensitivity and speed of response are key elements of our customer service approach. The integrity of our employees is unresolved and our conduct with all who come to us is humbled. The transparency of our communication coupled with a stable business model gives a signal of trust to our direct customers / vendors as they rely on us. Our head office is in New Delhi and our top servers are based in the USA.

This provides seamless connectivity to our partners, anytime anywhere in the world. Three geographical areas are designed for high performance and high network performance. Three Tier-I providers focus on international testing, unwanted network construction, and unlimited full power. 

Our servers have direct support from all network managers including the ability to manage routes, check, and network performance. Selected network services based on true spinal connection, unwanted connections, and high-availability data center construction. 1500GB of Clean, High Quality Bandwidth. Our vision and products have created a strong rich customer base of more than thousands of partners in almost every part of India.


  • Educational products

  • Lifestyle

  • Technology products

  • Men and Women Clothing

  • Ayurveda products

  • and Many more

Contact Information

MI Lifestyle Private Limited 

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top 10 Direct Selling companies in India, It was  established in 2013 in a very popular city of India, Chennai.

About The Company

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited, is a direct sales company that specializes in the distribution of a variety of high quality, everyday life products. Our goal is to deliver the best products directly to our customers, who form the core of the company.

Our registered distributor networks are leaders and professional representatives who ensure that consumers receive the best products, with the added benefits of Free Business Opportunity. The profit opportunities offered have persuaded many customers to buy products in non-commercial areas, due to the increase in direct sales across the country.

Brands and Lifestyle

Mi Lifestyle Marketing has established small products within it, each with its own identity. Our distributors have a special right to receive products at Distributor Price (DP) which is way lower than MRP.

India Shoppe works with other functions such as product development, re-sales and distribution, all that is important in building high quality products, maintaining networks and facilitating sales, setting parameters such as MRP, Dealer Price (DP), Business Volume (BV).

The cross-platform platform increases awareness about products and industry that sells directly to the user community. This redesigned system not only increases business opportunities for individuals, but also makes cleverly designed shopping models easily accessible to consumers.

How To Start  Business With This Company

This business model has a proven track record worldwide, for more than 50 years and The current income of the company is more than 1500 crore rupees. Top Global brands and corporate companies have embraced direct sales where the company meets individual distributors, consultants to sell products or services directly to consumers.

You can register with the company and join their wide area network of distributors as Direct sellers of India.

Visit this web site to check the business opportunity in this top MLM and Direct Selling Company in India.

Vestige Private Limited

Vestige Marketing Private Limited is one of the popular Indian Direct Selling companies in India which started their operations in 2004.


Vestige Marketing Private Limited is leading direct selling company that deals in top health and personal care items and competes with some big players of these direct selling companies. Vestige is continues to grow at an incredible rate every year.

Vestige has been ranked in the 36th Position in DSN Global 100 List in 2021.

With more than 2500+ online-offline sales retailers in India, Vestige continues to expanding network of distributors increasingly every year.

Their Mission is to become a Benchmark of Direct Selling Globally.Vestige competes with the top international brands in the business market. 

About the Company

Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd., was started operations in 2004, is now a leading direct retailer of world-class products. Vestige is continuously growing at an astonishing rate every year. The growth rate alone speaks volumes about the quality of products, the marketing system and the managers who have managed to deliver such a rewarding and sustainable system.

Vestige continues to expand its product range to introduce new health products every year, made at the highest quality manufacturing facilities, namely GMP and Halal certified. Vestige is an ISO 9001-2015 certified direct retailer and believes in providing world-class services to all its customers.

With 3,500+ online and offline stores in India, many overseas offices and many distribution centers, Vestige has been building a wide area network of distributors, which is increasing every year. Vestige is ranked 36th in the 2021 Global 100 list of companies selling directly to the world by Direct Selling News. It is one of the only Indian company to receive this recognition.

Vestige believes in empowering its members and the opportunity to lead their own lives. With the motto of spreading Wellth, that is, distributing wealth through well-being, Vestige has continued to enrich the lives of everyone who is part of the company and those who believe in its health and wellness products.

Management of Vestige Company

The management team at Vestige has a combined experience of pioneering a direct sales business in India. Professionals who have been involved in establishing and selling companies have successfully turned to entrepreneurs to present great opportunities and health products through this unstoppable Vestige Company .

Contact InforInformation 

  • Their Company Office: Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd., A-89, Okhla Industrial Area Phase II

  • New Delhi 110 020

  • Phone: 011- 43101234

  • All India Toll Free Number: 18001023424

Amway India

Amway is one of the most popular company in India. You may already know the name of this company. But do you know what this company offers or what they do? All your doubts will be clear here.

About The Company 

Based in Ada, Michigan, U.S. In the same area where this company was founded, this global trajectory extends to six continents by being present in more than 100+ countries and territories. Although many things have changed in the last 60 years, our four Founders Fundamentals and six companies still identify them today. Also, they remain one of the largest family-owned companies — a rare attribute by 2020.


Amway is above all family company. Steve Van Andel and Doug DeVos lead the global management team that supports Amway Direct Sellers and their goals.

Business Opportunity In Amway

3 million+ people around worldwide are already building their own path to success. They Offers opportunities, support for a family-owned, financially stable and business-based organization for  60+ years. Amway was a global community, operating in  100+ countries and territories, ready to provide support and a compensation program, which has paid more bonuses than any other direct sales company.


Start your Amway business, You need to Register with us as an Amway Direct Retailer, Which allows you to start earning money through the Compensation Program. 

If you know an Amway Direct seller, you should talk to him about how this business can help you achieve your achievements. 

Visit their official website of Amway to know more about their business opportunity and strategy.

You will also enjoy the confidence of working with a supportive and reliable company that has been in the business for over 60+ years, and a strong community of experienced Direct merchants who can help you on every step of the way and support you in achieving your chosen goals.

Amway offers outstanding training resources that can speed you up quickly. Choose online or personalized training for your favorite reading. They provide tools to help you get started on achieving your goals. 

Amway works to raise public awareness about the company, business opportunity and products. They support your private business with national and local advertising, sponsorship and events. You are not alone in the business of Amway.

Contact Information 

  • For All Regions:

  • 080-43516600 

  • 080-39416600

  • Call center : 10:00 AM and 6:30 PM


Oriflame, is  a Swedish beauty company, has a huge market company in India. Oriflame mainly provides in India beauty and skincare products. Oriflame is currently marketing in directly to a global beauty and skincare company in 65+ countries worldwide.

About The Company

For more than 50 years we have empowered people from  worldwide to celebrate their beauty and achieve their dreams. We create and offers high quality, safe, trendy products for beauty lovers and a unique opportunity to be part of the global beauty community.

Like Swedish beauty products we believe that when you look and feel good you have the opportunity to reach your full potential  and in partnership with a loving and supportive international community system anything can happen. That’s beauty from a Swedish perspective company.

Business Opportunity In Oriflame

For more than 50 years, Oriflame has empowered people to make a difference in their lives by promoting and selling high quality products that are inspired by nature and sponsored by Swedish science. Oriflame is Europe’s biggest beauty company that sells directly to the global community of more than 3 million+ independent commercial consultants worldwide.

As one of our Brand partners, you can choose to save money on beauty products that you and your family purchase, earn money through your sales or invite others to join your team and earn money from all complete group sales. And also increase revenue from inviting more people. 

Many members of this community have worked full-time as Brand Partners while others have chosen to sell  products in their spare time to earn more money. No matter where you choose, you are welcome to join and they will help you along the way.

Contact Information 

  • customer service on 011-40409000 & 011-66259000, 

  • Monday through Saturday working hours between the hours 09:30 am to 7:30 pm. 

Herbalife Nutrition

Herbalife Nutrition is a United States Based international direct selling and MLM company. This Company is one of the most popular companies in many countries.

About the Company

Herbalife Nutrition company founder is Mark Hughes. He has dreamed of a “unprecedented bright future”. His vision is to improve people’s lives through nutrition and an unparalleled business opportunity worldwide. He turned his dream into a reality in 1980 when he launched Herbalife Nutrition in Los Angeles, CA and began rewriting the history of network marketing (MLM companies). Now 41 years later, it now operates in more than 90+ countries with more than 8,000+ employees worldwide.

Everything they do is about size and starts with good products; and all of their products start with proven science. Herbalife Nutrition is committed to people's for developing new, effective products that are in line with the highest levels of research, development and productivity in the industry.

Business Opportunity In Herbalife Nutrition Company

Herbalife Nutrition products and business opportunities can support you to achieve nutritional products and personal success. It operates in more than 90+ countries around the worldwide and commits to facilitate people achieve good nutrition products and a healthy, active life directly supports the goals of their Independent Herbalife Nutrition Associates to grow their business.

Contact Information 

  • Distributor Services Officer and Grievance Redressal Committee: Herbalife International India Pvt. Ltd., No. 14, Commissariat Road, Bangalore – 560025

  • Phone: 080-40311444

  • Email: writetous@herbalife.com

  • Working Hours:

  • Monday through Friday, 10:00am – 6:00pm

  • Saturday, 10:00am – 2:00pm

Forever Living Products Private Limited (India)

Forever Living Products Private Limited – The Aloe Vera Company is a multi-billion dollar US Based direct selling company and nowadays it is quite popular in India.

About The Company

This company is Founded in 1978 by Rex Maughan, Forever Living Products is a multibillion-dollar company that manufactures and sells hundreds of health and beauty products worldwide. 

In 1978, Rex Maughan invited family and friends to the first meeting of Forever Living Products in Tempe, Arizona. There you developed a flexible and customizable system – you offer products that are widely used in the community, products that have been proven to promote health and longevity, and let the products and people who try them speak for themselves.

Since 1978, Forever Living Products has been dedicated to finding the best natural resources for health and beauty and sharing them with the world. They have a desire to help others look better and feel better, and the pride that comes with doing things differently. They have our aloe fields, production facilities, research and development, quality control laboratories and our distribution channels. Everything from the plant to the product for you.

Business Opportunity In Forever

Starting a Business Forever gives you the opportunity to earn a living, have the time and freedom to build your life according to your dreams and allows you to be able to start a part-time job and make a full income.

Forever Living Products is a company founded more than 40 years ago. It is a cash-strapped, debt-free and financially secure global company operating in over 160+ countries. With its steel fields, production and distribution, Forever offers high quality aloe vera products with a 30-day money back guarantee to retail customers.


Avon is the world’s largest beauty products network marketing company and there is great business opportunity in this company for everyone.

About The Company

Avon has been representing women for 130 years: providing quality, high-quality products that are best sold to women, by women. Millions of independent representatives around the world sell Avon iconic products such as Avon Color and ANEW through their social networks, building their own beauty or part-time businesses.

Avon supports women’s, business and welfare provision and contributes more than $ 1billion to women’s goals through Avon and the Avon Foundation. Learn more about Avon and its products at www.avonworldwide.com.

Principles of Avon

Giving individuals the opportunity to lead by supporting their well-being and happiness.

Serving families around the world with high quality products backed by a guarantee of satisfaction.

To provide service to outstanding customers in its assistance and respect.To give full recognition to staff and beauty and fashion consultants, Avon relies on whose contributions.Sharing the rewards of growth and success.

Fully compliant with corporate national obligations by contributing to the social welfare and the environment in which it operates.Preserving and appreciating Avon’s friendly spirit.

IMC : International Marketing Corporation

IMC (International Marketing Corporation) is a fastly growing Multi-level Marketing Company in India from Started in the year 2013.  

Probably You know about TS Madan, a popular businessman who joined this company.

Most of the Products of IMC are Herbal, including Home Care or Personal Care Products. Recently IMC launched its own Mobile application for its direct sellers to check their income and downline.

The most popular product of IMC is IMC Shri Tulsi.

RCM : Right Concept Marketing

RCM (Right Concept Marketing) is the oldest and Largest Indian Direct Selling Company which is a member of WFDSA (World Federation of Direct Selling Associations).

In the list of Legal Direct Selling Companies of India, RCM is registered as Fashion Suitings Private Limited. In addition, RCM is not only a member of WFDSA but also, it is a member of FDSA.

The Main Products of RCM are grocery items, cosmetics, and clothing. There are more than 750+ Products across the World.

Once you become a direct seller you can start promoting RCM Merchandise and get the perfect incentive based on purchases made by you and the people in your group.

You can purchase products at a 15% discount and raise higher MRP earnings from 15% to 20% profit.

Naswiz Retail Pvt. Ltd. 

 Sonu Sharma is a Great MLM Leader and also a Motivational Speaker like Sandeep Maheswari.Sonu Sharma was the Direct Seller and Leader of Naswiz Retail Private Limited company. NASWIZ retail private limited is an Indian Direct Selling Company.

In NASWIZ, you can make money easily when the deals of home-based general or everyday use items are done. The Distributor gets an assortment of the commission consistent with the Network Marketing Plan.

RMCL : Radha Madhav Corporation Limited

RMCL or Radha Madhav Corporation Limited company was started in 2005 and located its registered office at Daman & Diu in India. RMCL is also proposed to be the top Indian Direct Selling company in India in 2021.

RMCL Universe is popular for selling special products to its customers. RMCL offers a wide range of products like these categories; health supplements, self-care products, food and beverages, home-based products, lifestyle and fashion, stationery,  education-related products etc.

OK Life Care

OK Life Care is a new Indian direct selling company which was started in 2016 in Rohtak, Haryana. In the last few years, Ok Life Care has performed very well and became the growing Direct Selling Marketing Company.

Do you know Abhinav Pratik or Abby Viral?

He is a founder of Huppme.com and has a Motivational Youtube Channel where he motivates people with his Rap. He also became a part of Ok Life Care.

There are 130+ Products are available of Ok Life Care company. The packaging of OK Life Care company products is also attractive and makes them looks premium.

However, Ok Life Care products are a little bit more expensive than other companies. Sellers have to pay extra money to buy OK Life Care Products.

Rank No. 

Direct Selling Company Name


Smart Value Product And Service Limited 


Medicare Limited 


Vestige Private Limited 


IMC ( International Marketing Corporations        Limited) 


MI Lifestyle 


Safe And Secure Online Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 




Herbalife Nutrition 




Naswiz Retails Private Limited 


Amway India 




Forever Living Products Private Limited 




OK Life Care

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