What Is The Best Way To Invest in US Stocks From India?

There are various ways to invest in US stocks from India:

  • Apps:
    • Vested
    • Winvesta
    • Webull
    • Stockal
    • Upstox
    • Groww
    • 5 paisa
    • IndMoney
  • Brokers (if you want a human touch):
    • ICICI direct
    • HDFC Securities
    • Motilal Oswal
    • Geojit
    • Cube Wealth
    • Interactive brokers

What Is The Best Way To Invest in US Stocks From India?

The prime criteria you can look for when choosing your platform is as follows:

  • No minimum transaction
  • Minimum transaction fee, or free transactions
  • Reputed name and reviews

Other ways to invest:

  • Mutual funds and ETFs like ICICI Prudential US Bluechip Equity Fund, DSP US Flexible Equity Fund, EdelWeiss US Value Equity Offshore Fund, Motilal Oswal NASDAQ 100 ETF etc
  • If you want to diversify into the US market, but you are not sure how, one of the best ways is to invest in their index.

It is important to note that while US allows fractional share buying, you can’t do intraday, options etc. from India.

Probable advantages on investing in US stocks:

  • Traditionally, the US stock market has been less volatile than most other stock markets.
  • The allure of investing in companies whose products are used around the world are way to high. Examples include Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google. There are very few people who wouldn’t have heard of these companies.

One of the biggest issues with any of these platforms is that your Indian bank will charge a huge amount to remit money to the platform’s US account. It is thus worth it only if you are expecting bigger returns.
It is suggested that you look beyond your country only if you are confident about the situation of the market of other countries. Don’t do it just for the sake of diversification.

Even so, it can be a good idea to diversify into international markets if your portfolio of stocks of your country is fairly stable.

RBI allows $250,000 of total remittance to another country, per person, including investments and expenditures. If you want to invest more than that, you need to apply for special permission.

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