Which Type Of Questions In Digital Marketing Job Interviews ?

Type Of Questions In Digital Marketing Interviews

Hi friends, in this article I will tell you some of the frequently asked questions in digital marketing interviews. I want you to be successful in the interviews and land your dream job. 

So we all know that digital marketing is a diverse field and it has different job roles. So whether it is Digital Marketing Executiveor Manager, Social Media Manager, Paid Marketers, Email Marketing Managers, Search Engine Optimizers,Content Managers, etc. 

Now clearly, each role demands a different set of skills. Now however, you must be aware of the overall gist of digital marketing to excel in any of the roles. So guys that is why I am presenting to you some of the general questions which are applicable for any role of digital marketing. So here is my list of frequently asked questions and the way you should answer them. 

1. What Is Your Definition Of Digital Marketing? Why Do You Want To Pursue  A Career In This Field? 


 Now guys, the winning answer to this question is the one that aligns well with the company’s idea of digital marketing. So you carefully examine what things companydoes in the context of digital marketing and you can mention that digital marketing is a technique of promoting a brand through digital media. 

You can highlight methods like Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing, EmailMarketing and also mention your own area of expertise. Now regarding why you want to pursue a career in digital marketing, you must elaborate upon fields of digital marketing that excite you the most. 

You should show to the recruiters that you are truly passionate about the job being offered and that you are the right fit for the job. You can also talk about things that the field is very dynamic, it has huge growth potential. 

At the same time it is very challenging, it constantly keeps you on your toes and it is at the interface of technology and marketing. So you love the fields. 

2. What Would Be Your Digital Marketing Strategy To Help Business Grow At This Firm?


Now in order to answer this question, you need to be well aware of the functioning of the firm that you are interviewing for. You should be aware of the digital marketing methods adapted by the company already and if you aren't, feel free to ask the interviewer for some input. 

Keep in mind that a good strategy is a job guaranteed. So curate your strategy accordingly and impress your interviewers at this question. So guys this is a make or break point in most interviews and you must be well prepared with the answer to this question well in advance. 

3. What according to you are the top digital marketing tools?


Now as an aspiring digital marketer, you must be equipped with the latest tools and techniques in the field. Now specifically guys, you must be aware of tools like Search Console, Google Analytics, Keyword Planner in order to display your expertise. So you must understand the practical application of each tool. You must relate them to the business you are interviewing for. 

4. How is digital marketing categorised? How are the categories different from each other ? 

Answer :

Now you can say digital marketing is categorised as inbound marketing and outbound marketing. So while inbound marketing pulls customers based on their interest, outbound marketing pushes customers regardless of their interests. So while inbound marketing is devised based on customer’s needs, outbound marketing is devised based on the product’s needs. Additionally, while inbound marketing is a part of content consumption so for instance blogs, social media, opt-in emails, outbound marketing disrupts content consumption so for example display ads, social media ads,TV ads. Now some important categories also you can highlight that they are social media marketing, seo, search engine marketing, pay per click advertising, content marketing, digital analytics and performance marketing. 

5. What are the most valuable metrics while measuring the outcomes of digital marketing? 


Now this question basically requires you to answer the various ways in which you can measure the results of your digital marketing. Some common metrics include total website visitors, number of first-time visitors, return visitors, interactions per visit, time spent,exit rate, bounce rate, Cost Per Visitor (CPV), Conversion rate etc. So guys the point is you must be familiar with these terms if you are a digital marketer. If you are not, then please learn these terms today because they form the fundamentals of most digital marketing topics. 

6. What steps would you take when the goal is to increase traffic on a particular site?


Now guys you must realise that the answer to this question depends on the budget allocated to digital marketing because some methods are more expensive than the others. Now if there are no budget constraints, thensome of the popular methods are paid search, SEO, referral traffic, display advertising,content marketing, social media marketing, keyword research, etc. 

7. What is SEO? What are the different types of SEO? 


So you can say Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) is a method to increase the quantity and quality of a website’s traffic by increasing the visibility in the search engine results page. So SEO is used to gain traffic in an organic way and SEO can be either On-Page which is done through metatags or Off-Page which is primarily done through backlinks to improve the authority of the website. 

8. Name some of the most widely used digital marketing tools.


Now friends, whether you have used tools ornot, you must have an idea about how they work and their significance. So these tools exist to make the job of a digital marketer easier, right? Some of these tools are Google Keyword Planner,SEMrush, Buzzsumo, Google Trends, Google Analytics, Search Console, Ahrefs, Moz, Alexa Ranking. 

9. What is PPC? Explain how PPC Advertising works?

Answer :

Now PPC or Pay Per Click is a method to advertise a product such that advertisers have to pay a fee whenever a potential customer clicks on their ads. Now you can cite an example of the PPC ads in the form of paid search ads and how they are different from organic listing. So guys mention explicitly that this form of advertising works by bringing interested consumers who have already looked for a product/service on the search engine in contact with the best sellers. So it is pull marketing, intent based marketing and the rank is determined by their bid price and their quality score. 

10. How will you set up, analyse and track ifa digital marketing campaign you devised is successful or not? 

Answer :

Now while answering this question, you can elaborate on the campaign’s ultimate goals and how they would be met. So these goals can be anything from enhancing brand awareness to generating leads to increasing conversion to increasing the reach on social media. Now the success of the campaign can also be tracked using Google Analytics and you can also use real time analytics by ad platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Business manager that you will be using to run your campaigns. So friends you must present your vision and how you plan to act on it. 

11. How would you measure ROI of any channel? 

Answer :

Now to compute the Return on Investment, you must consider the growth of sales and subtract the costs of marketing from it and then divide it by the overall cost of marketing. ROI of a channel = (Growth of Sales – Cost Of Marketing) / Cost of Marketing Now indeed, there are many other ways of measuring the ROI of a marketing channel. So you can mention more than one ways here or you can modify your answer based on what the interviewer wants to know specifically. 

12. What are some of the bidding options that you are aware of ?

Answer :

Now guys some of the common options are CPM which is Cost Per Thousand Impressions, Cost Per Click, Cost Per Deed, Cost Per Conversion also known as Cost Per Action. 

You can go ahead and explain each of these terms. You can mention how they can be used and in what conditions they should be used. 

Now guys we know that the list of digital marketing interview questions can be endless. 

But I hope you get an overall idea of the most common digital marketing questions and the best way to approach them with answers. 

I wish you the very best to crack these interviews and please share in the comment section how did your interview go?

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