Why should MBA Students join the Network Marketing?

 Network Marketing may be a simple way for a standard person to measure an unprecedented life. By extraordinary, I do not mean getting rich in life but living a "rich life". An upscale life is made by being more concerned with who you become than what you acquire. The old saying money can't buy happiness' is so old, I do not know where it came from but it's true. I think your goal should be to possess an honest life and therefore the money you would like to enjoy and make it better.

Each folks features a certain number of years to measure. I would like all of you to form the foremost of each minute in every hour in a day of each year! How are you able to do that? What is the answer?

The answer, I believe, is Network Marketing. There are numerous reasons which make it the sole business of it's kind on this.

The concept of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing here i might wish to list out a number of the most important advantages of starting your MLM business:

1. LOW begin COST

People say,

"It takes money to form money."

It's true as far as most of the normal businesses are concerned. Well most businesses, which are the normal ways or means of building wealth, do indeed require huge capital. These include starting almost any quiet manufacturing, retailing or investing huge sums of cash in land or stock markets.

However, there's how to become wealthy, aside from winning a lottery that doesn't require a big investment .

Without a doubt the simplest opportunity today is found in distribution of products or services through Network Marketing .

On a mean a full-fledged Network Marketing business costs from 2k to 20k to start out up. Compare that to franchises that average 20 lac begin costs of a small-scale business you'll start on your own, average over 5 lac. The important problem is that although you arrange 5 lac to start out the other business, you'll need another 5,00,000 (or more) ready with you in the event of expansion, expenditures, or the necessity to hold on to the day-to-day operations. Although your networking business doesn't give instant results, you do not have to have a big amount of money in hand for any of the items mentioned above.


There's no upper limit to the earnings possible during a genuine networking opportunity. None of the compensation pay plans have any maximum income limit for distributors, In any case, it'll be self-defeating for the corporate because the more the income of the distributors, the more efforts they're going to put, to extend the general turnover of the corporate.

One of the good things about Network Marketing is that it doesn't matter where you begin from; it only matters where you finish. In other words, it doesn't matter whether you reside during a village where the population is 500 people or during a city where over 10,00,000 people live because you're not limited to your own hometown. The rock bottom line is that you simply can build and run your business anywhere in India and if your company is international, that provides you a good wider base to plug into. The smart thing is that you simply don't need to pay a license fee to work nationally or internationally. After you join, you're liberal to build wherever your company goes. What an awesome benefit!

Perhaps you've got to read the "Six Degrees of Separation". This book says that if you recognize six people, you recognize everybody. If you recognize six people, presumably one among those six people knows somebody you recognize, and one among those six people knows somebody that they know, and so on. In essence you recognize everyone within the world if you recognize just six people. The potential for growth in MLM is therefore enormous and it's faithful say that your you recognize income potential is unlimited.


Network Marketing business is ready-made and expecting you to start out. Every possible problem has been examined and rectified beforehand. the assembly, packaging & supply,of goods or services, accounting, calculation of payments, legalities, printing of brochures and literatures, maintenance of offices, staff, and so on, has been taken care of by the corporate, leaving you liberal to get straight into the event of your business.


In Network Marketing, you're purchased the actions you perform for free of charge, a day of your life. you're already doing it!

For instance, once you tell somebody, "Hey, did you see that new hit movie? That was fantastic and price seeing!" The person says no and asks you to inform him/her about it i.e. tell why it's worth seeing Without realising it, you've marketed that movie--for free. In fact, the movie-maker counts on you to try to do that! Your comments get people interested in order that they take their friends and family to ascertain the film successively, they also tell their friends then on.

Your comments on a few particular items that you simply own and use can influence people to shop for that item, be it a book, tea or coffee, automobile, home appliances, mobile phones, clothes, or whatever. Remember the last time you referred your general practitioner to an in depth friend or relative of yours.

When you recommend a product or service that you simply like, you're doing word-of-mouth advertising, suggesting that your friend can buy that item that supports your own personal experiences and observations. This is often what happens in networking, but the sole difference here is that--you get purchased it!


I believe that, "more than 80% of the beginning up businesses pack up within two years of their operation, not because they do not make profits, actually they are doing but because the overheads exceed the entire fixed monthly bills (such as telephone or electricity), rent, interest on capital, salaries, etc.

To make you know it, let me offer you an example here: Suppose a restaurant has great food but goes out of business after a couple of months. You wonder why, thinking..."Wow, that they had great food! Why did they are going out of business?`` The probabilities are that there have been just an excessive amount of overheads on the restaurant management. therefore the bottom line of the business is often stated as, "It's not what proportion you bring in; it's what proportion you retain that's important.

Just imagine you're the owner of a business with immense potential but you do not need to bear any fixed mandatory monthly expenditure i.e. all the expenses are paid and brought care of by somebody else. Are you able to ever fail their business? Yes, you can, as long as you let yourself fail. I had never seen anyone ever failing in Network Marketing (if they were related to the proper company), either they succeed or they quit

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