Autozone Automotive Accessories


AutoZone is the nation's leading retailer and a leading distributor of automotive relief corridor and accessories with more than stores in the US, Mexico, Brazil and Puerto Rico. Each store carries an extensive line for buses, sport mileage vehicles, vans and light exchanges, including new and remanufactured hard corridor, conservation particulars and accessories. 

Autozone Automotive Accessories

AutoZone, headquartered in Memphis, TN, is a growing Fortune 300 company with a deep commitment to serving our customers, communities and fellow AutoZoners. AutoZone have vast openings in their stores, distribution centers, field services, specialty business units and Store Support Center and embrace different experiences, backgrounds, knowledge and ideas to strengthen their brigades and business. 

AutoZone,Inc. is an American retailer of aftermarket automotive corridor and accessories, the largest in the United States. Innovated in 1979, AutoZone has over stores across the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil and the US Virgin Islands. The company is based in Memphis, Tennessee. AutoZone headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee. 


Private labels Of Autozone

Valucraft, Duralast, and Duralast Gold are AutoZone's private marker brands for lead-acid automotive batteries ( manufactured primarily by Johnson Controls, but also East Penn, Exide, and other manufacturers). Duralast Platinum is an AGM line of batteries. AutoZone also sells tools under the Duralast brand which carry a continuance bond. 


  •  Brake pad markers include ( ranging from least to most precious) 
  • Duralast-OEM-suchlike performance;semi-metallic or organic. 
  • Duralast Gold-OEM design and performance;semi-metallic or ceramic. 
  •  Duralast Max (in the process of being phased out)-superior to OEM design and performance; ceramic. 
  •  Duralast Elite ( presently being introduced widely by request)-superior to OEM design and performance; ceramic; bobby-free. 
  • Duralast GT Street- performance pads for select operations. 
  •  Valucraft pads are being phased out, as of early 2015. Duralast GT Street pads introduced beforehand 2018. 


 The Valucraft, Duralast, and Duralast Gold names are used on colorful other corridor and accessories as well. 

 Duralast Elite pads were first trademarked and began being introduced to elect requests in early 2020. 


 Retail stores Of AutoZone 

 AutoZone's retail outlets (5) throughout the United States, Mexico and Brazil stock a variety of aftermarket corridor as well as some OEM corridor. All AutoZone stores are corporately possessed; the company doesn't have ballot operations. 

 Lawsuits Of AutoZone 

AutoZone paid$3.3 million to settle a action to the families of a family who was killed due to being hinder- ended by an AutoZone- possessed truck. The suit alleges that AutoZone was careless in training the motorist of the truck. 

AutoZone faced a action for gender demarcation in which the complainant contended that men treated her else when she was promoted and that she stressed revealing a gestation to her superior. 

When the gestation was discovered, she alleges that her quarter director dragooned her to step down from her position. She was disrated in February 2006 and fired in November 2011. 

The jury on the case ruled in 2014 in favor of the complainant, awarding her$ 185 million in corrective damages as well as roughly$ in back stipend. 

AutoZone has blazoned its intention to appeal the verdict. The Wall Street Journal's Jacob Gershman suggested that the verdict would be gauged back, noting that the jury verdict isn't the end-allbe-all. 

AutoZone official web site :   https://www.autozone.com/

 A Georgia woman was fired after a client disrespected her and used multiple ethnical epithets against her. She alleges that the quarter director told her to" stink it up,"and she's filing a action against AutoZone for violating her civil rights. 


 AutoZone came under fire from allegations that a quarter director had told an hand to remove a flag displayed on the company's demesne for the sake of bettered diversity. AutoZone denies that and claimed that it was the poor means by which the flag was put up, with conduit vid and suction mugs. 

 In June 2019 AutoZone entered into an$ 11 million agreement against with the State of California to resolve allegations that the company had violated state laws governing dangerous waste, dangerous accoutrements, and nonpublic consumer information. AutoZone is charged with immorally disposing of millions of dangerous waste particulars, including used motor canvas and automotive fluids, at tips not authorized to accept dangerous waste. 


 Commercial Affairs Of AutoZone 

AutoZone is incorporated in the state of Nevada. 


Headquarters Of AutoZone 

Since October 1995, AutoZone has been headquartered in itsJ.R. Hyde, III Store Support Center (SSC), a- forecourt- bottom ( m2), eight- story structure in Town Memphis, Tennessee. As of 2013 there were over workers there. 


The design director of the structure's construction was Rob Norcross, a star at LRK Inc. The structure has the capability to repel a9.0 magnitude earthquake because it has a special base insulation system that had a price label of$. 

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