Jamie Lee Curtis Celebrates Daughter Ruby's 'Beautiful' Cosplay Wedding: 'Wife Is Sweet'

 Jamie Lee Curtis Celebrates Daughter Ruby's 'Beautiful' Cosplay Wedding: 'Wife Is Sweet'

Jamie Lee Curtis participated a regard into her son’s unique cosplay marriage, as she married her mate Kynthia over the weekend. 


Jamie Lee Curtis Celebrates Daughter Ruby's 'Beautiful' Cosplay Wedding: 'Wife Is Sweet'

 The Scream Queens star went each out for the fests, shuffling a traditional mama of the bridegroom outfit for commodity a little more in- keeping with Ruby’s costume- grounded wishes. 

 Taking to Instagram, the 63- time-old – who revealed her son is trans last time – blessed suckers with filmland from their big day, including a look at her World of Warcraft- themed look. 

 We're truly not good of the screen icon. 

In one snap, she could be seen proudly posing beside the happy couple, with the caption reading ‘ woman IS SWEET! Ruby and Kynthia5/29/2022. ’ 


 Another print showed Ruby and Kynthia leaning in for a kiss in front of their guests, who were also decked out in inconceivable costumes, complete with rainbow- themed screens to shield from the sun. 

Jamie Lee Curtis son Ruby marriage 

 Ruby and Kynthia threw a cosplay form( Picture Instagram) 

 Jamie Lee Curtis son Ruby marriage 

marriage! “

Curtis also posted another photo with the caption. All that remained at the end of this beautiful wedding was this f-ing BUTCHER KNIFE, where they cut a tiramisu wedding cake after everything was removed! My wife is sweet! “

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 The guests were decked out in their stylish costumes for the day( Picture Instagram) 

‘ YES THEY DO AND DID! MARRIED! RUBY and KYNTHIA5/29/2022, ’ Jamie penned alongside the upload. 


 The horror legend also managed to get a draw in for the forthcoming Halloween movie, revealing that the lovebirds were forced to cut their marriage cutlet with a huge botcher cutter. 

As you do. 


 ‘ YOU CA N’T MAKE THIS UP, ’ she added. The ONLY thing left over at the end of this entire BEAUTIFUL marriage, after everything was taken down was this f ’ ing BUTCHER KNIFE they cut the tiramisu marriage cutlet with! 

Jamie Lee Curtis son Ruby marriage 

 Jamie could n’t help but plug Halloween by the end of the ceremont( Picture Instagram) 

 ‘ woman IS SWEET!@halloweenmovie 10 🔪 14 🔪 22. ’ 

Maria Shriver led congratulatory dispatches to the happy couple, penning ‘ So happy for you and your family. ’ 


 ‘ This looks like an absolute dream marriage and I hope they live happily ever later! Congratulations, ’ a addict replied. 

As one reflected ‘ Congratulations Ruby and Kynthia!! Love you both so important. ’ 


 Jamie Lee Curtis 

 Jamie sounded to have a Goliath of a time( Picture Getty) 

An Instagram stoner added ‘ Hell yes! I love this! Congrats to them both! ’ 


 Jamie, who also served as host and officiant, preliminarily spoke about her look for the big day during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, explaining that her son would be having a cosplay festivity – meaning everyone on the guest list should be in costume. 

Despite presumably having an entire wardrobe full of costumes, she decided to go one redundant and blazoned she'd be attending the form as Jaina Proudmoore, a character from World Of Warcraft. 


 Jamie Lee Curtis ’ son Ruby is married. 

The actress participated an array of snaps after Ruby and her mate Kynthia tied the knot in a cosplay form. 


 The newlyweds slipped costumes, with Curtis posing in between them for one cute print. 

“ woman IS SWEET! Ruby and Kynthia, ” Curtis identified her post, adding the date “5/29/2022. ” 


 She added alongside another image, “ YES THEY DO AND DID! MARRIED! ” 


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