Spas on Vacation | wellness benefits

 Spas on Vacation | wellness benefits

What makes a spa day an essential component to our ongoing self-care routine? GOBankingRates spoke to several spa pros to learn about why it's important to invest in your personal self-care and wellness.

Spas on Vacation | wellness benefits

Spa Offers Stillness And Comfort

Alyssa Bayer is the founder of Milk + Honey, an award-winning collection of premium day spas and salons. Bayer said that when you step into the spa, you enter a new place of relaxation. Your appointment is a place where you leave stress and worries at home.

"When you're constantly on the move, it's important to have time to settle down," Baer said.

While Beyer said a day spa is all about the experience, what really makes a spa day worth it is the actual getaway or retreat. You can get an excellent massage or facial by wearing robes and slippers. There is good customer service and the atmosphere is comfortable, so you can feel comfortable hanging out before and after your appointment.

Every treatment is designed for your well being

Are you getting a massage? Bayer said some of the benefits of massage include reducing stress and releasing feel-good hormones. A good massage can also help keep your body flexible. If you're getting a facial, Bayer said you'll experience benefits like hydration, clearer pores, and exfoliation.

Whether you're getting a facial and scalp massage, detox steam or any other body treatment, every treatment at the spa is designed to help with your overall well-being. This is your chance to give yourself time to take care of yourself mentally and physically.

Spa allows you to achieve clarity

Hanging out in a spa is much more than finding a place where one can relax and leave their troubles behind. Maria Younglove, spa director of Sacred Spa + Wellness, said spa days allow people to seek clarity.

"We all want to achieve a calm soul, that inner feeling of being refreshed and revived, a confidence boost or even a short break from the hustle and bustle of daily life," said Younglove.

In a world filled with increasingly more stress, Younglove said we all realize the importance of resetting our bodies and minds. A spa treatment offers us a soothing way to detox, release accumulated physical and mental stress from our bodies and provide complete body wellness (mental, physical and spiritual) as part of a holistic journey towards healing. Is.

Spas on Vacation | wellness benefits

Mental Health Is a Spa Benefit

While there are many known cosmetic and physical benefits of spa days, Younglove said many people forget that mental health is also largely a benefit of a spa day.

"When you spend your day at the spa, you have the ability to refocus and reorder your priorities, allowing you to face daily challenges while still having the ability to stop your constant stress and pressures from life. energy and inspiration to come," he said. Young Love. "Spa days provide an opportunity for reflection."

Inside a spa, you are able to live in the present moment. Take some time to breathe, relax, and feel ready to take on any obstacles that lie ahead.

Feeling Good Allows You to Do Well

Think about how you feel when you don't have time to take a relaxing shower, wash your face, or even finish a load of laundry. You may not feel comfortable going out in public or making work video calls on Zoom. In some cases, if you've been wearing your pajamas for days and working from your bed, you may feel less inclined to be productive and contribute positive energy to your professional and personal life.

Lori Parrish, owner of the award-winning Spa Body, said a visit to the spa is an essential component of ongoing self-care.

"I believe that the investment you make in your own well-being is a direct line of the positivity you leave in the world. We want you to feel good inside and out, so that you do well." May it be," Parish said.

The act of splurging on a spa day and maintaining other wellness rituals regularly is especially important after an unprecedented period of isolation and stress amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Parish said the pursuit of holistic health is an essential routine in making oneself whole. When we are whole, we can appear to ourselves, to our family and friends, and to our obligations.

In honor of Global Wellness Day on Saturday, June 11, 2022, let's try to pamper ourselves and live well in June 2022 with these fulfilling spa packages.

This Global Wellness Day can be a good chance to balance our physical and mental health. Since nothing is more important than health, we encourage you to indulge in these dream spa packages not just for a day but for the whole of June.

i. Saavn Residential Spa and Club

The i.sawan Spa at Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok is another spa sanctuary joining the cannabis wellness promotion. With the latest addition to 'Cannabis-Infused Spa Relaxation', guests will unwind in a body massage and body scrub session, which includes Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil as its main ingredient. 

The oil promotes an amazing depth of fragrance that detoxifies and hydrates the skin while simultaneously calming the mind and muscles. Both the Cannabis Sativa Body Massage and Body Scrub treatment are recommended together for a total of 120-minute sessions of rejuvenation and relaxation.

'Cannabis-Infused Spa Relaxation' is available from 9 am to 10 pm every day starting June 1, 2022. Treatment prices start at THB2,400++. For more information or reservations, contact i.sawan Residential Spa & Club at 02-254-6310 or visit the website.

Spas on Vacation | wellness benefits

Quan Spa

As June also marks the official arrival of the rainy season in Thailand, the Kwan Spa at the Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen's Park celebrates the blooming of new life with 'Monsoon Healing', which aims to revitalize and stimulate the senses. 

Designed is a quartet treatment. The chain's signature treatments are Stress Away, a holistic 120-minute therapy that includes an aroma massage and brief facial enhancements, and the Volcano Hot Stone Massage, a full 90-minute regimen of hot stones and hot coconut oil. For those who relish it in the olden times, Siam Oriental Massage and Aromatherapy Massage are traditional favorites that help reduce stress and increase circulation throughout the body.

The 'Monsoon Healing' promotion is available from 11 AM to 9 PM daily from 1st June to 31st July, 2022. For more information, call 02 059 5832.

Sinthorn Wellness by Resense

Sinthorne Wellness by Renaissance blends self-pampering and family time together in its exclusive parent-and-child spa programs. These spa sessions use only hypo-allergenic products that are safe for youngsters, allowing babies to relax amidst the relaxing surroundings with aromas and gentle massages.

 In 'With a Little Angel' therapy, let your child enjoy grape seed massage oil and take some time for yourself to boost the mind and body at the aromatic spa. Otherwise, professional therapists can also help you find the appropriate massage for your child through the 'Just for a Little One' program.

Treatments are applicable for children aged 5-10 years. Prices start at THB2,000++ per child. For more information and reservations, contact 02 095 9999 or visit the website.

Okura Spa

Celebrating its 10th illustrious year of omotenashi, or the 'Japanese art of sumptuous hospitality', Okura Prestige continues to surprise guests with its delicate services, especially this month with the 'Sakura Escape' spa treatment package . 

The ultimate indulgence takes you through a three-hour treatment that includes Sakura Body Scrub, Ta-Ke Bamboo Body Massage Relief, and Anti-Wrinkle and Firmness Ritual. If you're looking to step up your wellness game, book the 'Luxury Escape' spa station package that invites you to stay for two nights with a three-and-a-half hour spa treatment, starting with the Japanese Sac Bath Experience. , Sakura Body Scrub, and Sakura Body Wrap, and ends with a hot massage candle.

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