Donald Trump said Everything about Ivanka Trump's testimony

Donald Trump said Everything about Ivanka Trump's testimony

 A day after the House on January 6 committee disclosed a previously unseen video of former President Donald Trump's daughter and senior adviser, Ivanka Trump, she accepted then-Attorney General Bill Barr's statement that the Justice Department was trying to reverse the election. Not found fraud enough, the former president is responding, saying he had "checked out for a long time."

Everything Donald Trump Has Said About Ivanka Trump's Testimony

"Ivanka Trump was not involved in watching, or studying the election results. She was long checked out and, in my opinion, just trying to respect Bill Barr and her position as attorney general ( They sucked!)," Trump wrote on his social media platform Truth Social.

While Trump wants to downplay his daughter's role in his administration at the time of the January 6, 2021 riots, Ivanka Trump still accompanied her father to rally in the White House ellipse that preceded the US Capitol attack.

In the clip of her statement that aired Thursday night, Ivanka Trump was asked about her reaction when Barr said there was no widespread election fraud.

"It affected my outlook," Ivanka Trump said. "I respect Attorney General Barr, so I listened to him."

Ivanka Trump met with the committee in April for nearly eight hours, and CNN previously reported that she corroborated critical testimony from other witnesses who said the then-president tried to call the rioters back despite asking them to do so. were reluctant to do so.

Committee chairman Benny Thompson told CNN of the committee's interview, "He supported the fact that the president was told he had to do something to stop the January 6 uprising. He had to go public with it; He had to be direct." Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner.

Thompson said, "So in that regard ... we've been able to systematically fill in a lot of gaps, with our own statements and interviews with other witnesses."

The committee also pointed to the bar's closed-door statement in which it said Trump's claims were "nonsense." Barr, who resigned in December 2020, said the reason for leaving the Trump administration was because of Trump's false claims of fraud (though he did not publicly cite that reason at the time).

Barr said in a video played by the committee on Thursday, "I made it clear that I didn't agree with the idea of ​​saying that the election was plagiarized and put out this stuff, which I called nonsense to the president. "

In a setback to former President Donald Trump's claims of election fraud, video testimony played during Thursday night's hearing on the Capitol riot on January 6 revealed that Trump's daughter and former White House adviser Ivanka Trump did not believe that The election was stolen.

Asked if she believed former Attorney General William Barr's remarks that there was no widespread fraud in the 2020 election, Ivanka said: "It affected my outlook. I respect Attorney General Barr That's why I obeyed him."

Ivanka's clip was the first clip from the House January 6 committee, which is presenting its findings from a nearly year-long investigation at six hearings this summer. As more videos of Ivanka Trump are expected, Donald Trump tried to outdo any further testimony on his daughter's behalf on Friday, saying that while the former president and his allies were claiming the election was stolen By the time he was "checked out".

"Ivanka Trump was not involved in observing or studying the election results," Trump wrote in a post on his social media platform Truth Social. "She was long checked out and was, in my opinion, just trying to be respectful of Bill Barr and his position as attorney general (he sucked!)."

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