Weak Sperm are becoming the reason for male infertility : Intracytoplasmic Technology will remove Male Infertility

According to a conclusion, 40 percent of the total couples cannot get a child, due to which the male is infertile. Intracytoplasmic injection of sperm is an effective remedy in case of male infertility problem. The next effective measure of ICSI is IMSI. In this technique, the injection of selected male spermatozoa into the spermatic cord is achieved through microscopy.

Weak Sperm are becoming the reason for male infertility

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Sperm quality is checked with microscope machine:

This technique has proved to be very effective in getting the pregnancy rate. With the help of microscope machine, good and weak sperms can be identified. This microscope shows machine sperm i.e. sperm larger than its original size.

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Intracytoplasmic technique is also effective than IVF:

This technique is called intracytoplasmic, which is given through injection of sperm. Its result is found to be better than IVF technique. Couples who cannot get children naturally, they want to adopt IVF technology. In this also selecting the effective sperm is the most important part. Many times it also happens that the spermatozoa of the husband are not effective and the count rate of sperm is low.

In these situations, specialist doctors find out through the medical microscope which sperm is better, so that pregnancy can be achieved.

The cost of IVF technique is around 80,000 to 100000, after spending this much, the couple does not want to take any risk in getting pregnant recently, for those couples the intracytoplasmic morphology technique can be quite suitable.

What is ICSI? (What Is ICSI?)

In ICSI technique a seed is mixed with a live spermatozoa using a micromanipulator machine. This union or fruitful action is done outside the mother's body. That is, the initial process of childbirth is done outside the mother's body. Then after two days the embryo is released from the mother's uterus and a blood test is done after 14 days to confirm the pregnancy.

Before this whole process, hormonal injections are given to the woman 10-12 days before the couple, so that she can prepare 10-12 seeds. Then these seeds are removed, which is called Ovhm-Pick, it is not painful. After this sperm is extracted from the husband, this method is called testicular biopsy. 

It takes 15-20 minutes at most, and the patient is given anesthesia. Sperm injections are given in IMSI intracytoplasmic mefology, although it is the next step in ICSI technology. The only difference is that IMSI selects the sperm very carefully. While it is more effective than traditional ICSI techniques, men who have low or abnormal sperm count may benefit from IMSI.

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