Allison Mack joined NXIVM to become a 'great actress again'

An unresolved interview with Allison Mack is making headlines as the Smallville star talks more about why she joined NXIVM. In 2021, Mack was sentenced to three years in prison for his role in Keith Raniere's criminal organization which was dubbed a "sex cult".

Allison Mack becomes 'great actress again' by joining NXIVM

Journalist Vanessa Grigoriadis spoke with Mack and Raniere in 2017, weeks before they were indicted for sex-trafficking, racketeering and other crimes. On his new podcast Infamous: Inside America's Biggest Scandals, Grigoriadis plays firsthand the interviews that were conducted at NXIVM's secret hideout in Mexico.

In an excerpt obtained by Page Six, Mack says, "I moved to Albany to fill that emptiness and find my own soul again, if that makes sense, as fiddly as it was." (NXIVM was headquartered in New York.) "I asked Keith if he would help me become a great actress again because I felt like I was a fraud."

Raniere co-founded NXIVM in 1998 and pitched the organization as a self-improvement group. It attracted many famous and wealthy members such as Mack. The actress rose in the ranks and became one of Raniere's closest confidantes, recruiting women to join the cult-like group. Within NXIVM there was a secret sorority composed of "slaves" and "masters". According to the statements of some of the women, Mack enlisted some "slaves" to engage in sexual acts with Raniere. The victims were branded with the initials of Mack and Raniere. In a 2017 interview, Mack denied any wrongdoing and told Grigoriadis that Raniere was "not the head of the harem."

Mac said, "I am not recruiting young, marriageable women to be my sex slaves." "You know, it's The Crucible, it's the McCarthy trial, it's just like that, accusations are made and spread like wildfire."

Mack admitted that friends were concerned that she had been "brainwashed" and was involved in a cult.

"I'm like, 'Talk to me for a few minutes. I'll tell you what we're doing,'" the Honey We Shrunk Our star continued.

"I was just like walking with myself and I was going, 'Am I crazy? I had a lot of conversations like that with myself,'" Mack said.

"Eventually, I just sat down and it felt good that I looked at my life and I looked at my relationships and I looked at all the things that I had written, the journals that I had kept — the things that I had done over the years. .. and it was consistently good," she explained.

Mack eventually took responsibility for his role in NXIVM's illegal operations. In 2019, he pleaded guilty to conspiracy and racketeering as part of a deal with prosecutors.

Mack wrote in a letter before sentencing, "I am so sorry." “I threw myself into the teachings of Keith Raniere with everything I had. I believed with all my heart that his advice was leading me to a better, more enlightened version of myself. Devoted my resources and ultimately my life to him. It was the biggest mistake and biggest regret of my life.

Mac apologized to "those of you I brought into NXIVM".

"I'm sorry I ever told you about the nefarious and emotionally abusive schemes of a perverted man. I'm sorry I encouraged you to use my resources in a way that ultimately turned out to be so ugly," she continued. . “I do not take lightly the responsibility I take in the lives of those I love and I feel enormous guilt for abusing your trust, leading you down a negative path. Sorry to whom I spoke to. A harsh or hurtful way. At the time, I believed I was helping. I believed in tough love and thought it was a path to personal empowerment. I was very confused I never wanted to be someone who was looked down upon, but those aspects of my humanity have been revealed in all of this; it has been devastating to reconcile."

"I've experienced extreme shame as I've worked to accept and understand what was going on and the choices I made," Mack said.

The actress also apologized to family and friends who "tried to show me the truth about NXIVM and Keith, but I didn't listen."

“The list of those who have been harmed by the collateral damage of my destructive choices continues to grow as I become more and more aware of how my choices have affected those around me. I am grateful that I made it through this process. and I stopped when I was," she concluded. "Please know that I am dedicating my life to mending the hearts that I broke and continuing to transform myself into a more loving and compassionate woman."

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Mack faced a maximum of 40 years in prison, 20 years on each count, but was given only three years because he helped prosecutors with their case against Raniere. He was sentenced to 120 years behind bars, which was upheld by an appeals court.

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